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Asbestos Physical Exam

OSHA Asbestos Physical at Advanced Walk-in Urgent Care.

There is a serious threat to workers’ health from asbestos, which was used for years in many different commercial products.
These include insulation and fireproofing materials as well automotive brakes but also textile products like clothing or ship canvas that have been made with this mineral because it can cause cancer if inhaled during work hours when processing these items on site at home-based workshops.

When handled, asbestos can separate into microscopic-size particles that remain in the air and are easily inhaled.
Any exposure to asbestos fibers can contribute to injury and life-threatening diseases. These dangerous fibers can cause lung cancer and asbestosis to name just two of the possibilities, not to mention an increased risk for heart disease or mesothelioma if you’re exposed long term!

Stay in compliance with OSHA and protect your employees by engaging a Physician that specializes in physical exams for asbestos exposure.

Here at Advanced Walk-in Urgent Care, we offer a range of services to ensure the safety and well-being not just for employees but also neighboring communities.
We provide Asbestos Physical Exam in order protect them from potential risk factors associated with this hazardous material that is still present today.

Asbestos Physical Exams by Medical Review Officer (MRO)

Our medical review officers are trained to identify and respond quickly in cases of asbestos-related diseases including annual physical exam.
Chest x-rays will be needed every five years for the first ten year period following exposure; after that frequency reduces significantly depending on factors such as age when diagnosed (newer workers), how much time has passed since last screening/exposure etc.

You will also have a urinalysis, which provides information about blood sugar level and other health indicators. The mouth and throat of the patient is checked to see if there are problems with breathing or swallowing while also inspecting the heart for murmurs or other ab

If you are interested in scheduling a comprehensive screening and medical assessment for asbestos, call Advanced Walk-in Urgent Care today or request an appointment online.


Asbestos Physical Exam includes the following:

Physical Examination, primarily the respiratory system
Medical and Occupational History and Review
Chest X-Ray
OSHA Respirator Medical Questionnaire
Pulmonary Function & Spirometry Test