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US Coast Guard Marine Physical

Mariners must pass a physical examination to ensure that they can safely perform all routine and emergency seafaring duties.
The United States Coast Guard requires this for both merchant marine applicants before they get their license, renewal of coast guard physical is every five years. The Coast Guard requires this for safety reasons.
In order to obtain your medical certificate, the US Coast Guard requires that you fill out an application form and you must bring this form with you to your physical appointment with our physician.

There will be mandatory DOT urine drug test to pass as part of your physical under supervision of a trained technician.
Once DOT urine drug test is cleared then this DOT urine drug test needs to be countersigned by a medical review officer (MRO) to certify it under his MRO license.

This MRO certification is part of the application along with 10 page medical form that needs to be submitted to receive an independent marine licensure.

Our office has all necessary licensed and trained staff to accomplish a successful coast guard physical as required by the Government regulations.
At Advanced Walk-in Urgent Care, our esteemed office is a one stop shop to meet all the requirement for independent marine licensure.
Our office has medical review officer who has been performing Coast Guard Physicals, collection of DOT Urine tests for over two years.

Passing Your Coast Guard Physical

To become a seafarer, you need to first pass an exam and demonstrate that your physical fitness levels meet certain criteria.
You will also have some hearing tests done as well as color vision assessments during physical so it can determine if any medical conditions interfere with possible performing duties on board ship.

The doctor will determine if you have any medical conditions that may worsen because of your seafaring duties. These can include side effects from medications which interfere with balance, judgment or other skills necessary for safety.

During Your Physical Exam

A coast guard physical exam is somewhat similar to the annual medical check-up and it is performed by specialized physicians.
At Advanced Walk in Urgent Care in Silver Spring, our physician reviews your application and discuss medical history with you in detail, but don’t worry—we’ve got everything covered from head-to heals.

Our esteemed physician will also ask questions that help them assess balance, agility skills, mental stability.
This complete evaluation helps us determine if you’re ready for your coast guard independent licensure.

Any surgeries done in past and it as relates to current clinical status.

If you are interested in scheduling a US Coast Guard Physical, call Advanced Walk-in Urgent Care today or request an appointment online.

Coast Guard Physicals Exams include checks of the following:

Heart rate, weight, BMI and pulse
Cardiovascular system
Blood pressure
Ears, nose, and throat
Digestive system
Respiratory system
Neurological system
Musculoskeletal system
Renal system
Endocrine system
Mental Health
Skin examination
Muscle tone