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Patients with Covid-19 infection despite all out effort of controlling the virus through multiprong approach made little headway in real progress in controlling the spread of infection. The most effective way of controlling the covid-19 is still wearing the mask and avoiding exposure to potential high-risk environment of crowded places like public waiting areas/rooms and closed spaces like flights.

You can avoid waiting area and travelling time through ordering the same test which is equally effective and valid Covid-19 RT-PCR test at the comfort of your home or workplace. This test will let you know if you have active infection with or without experiencing signs and symptoms.

The signs and symptoms of covid-19 infection is range from completely asymptomatic to myriads of symptoms from not feeling well, to mild to moderate nasal secretions and respiratory distress as cough short of breath with or without fever may or may associated with headache and fever. Some patients have predominantly gastrointestinal distress like loss/change of taste, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea with or without abdominal pain.  

Do I have opportunity to talk to physician?

After you receive the result, you can call our office to discuss result with physician to interpret the result from laboratory. Most of time it is either detected or not detected the evidence of Covid-19 virus in your body through polymerase chain reaction of viral proteins/DNA.

Who should get the Covid-19 test?

Anybody who want to check himself for potential exposure of within six feet of person who is suspected carrier (asymptomatic person) or anybody who is suspected of signs and symptoms consistent with possible infection with Covid-19 virus. The variability of signs and symptoms of covid-19 make anybody who is sick should screened for possible covid-19 infection so basically all sick person should be screen. This is the reason why anybody who is going through any procedure is recommend to take this test or went to emergency room for any sickness is test for covid-19 PCR test. In short who so ever want to check himself or herself for covid-19 infection, only way to know is by checking Covid-19 PCR test. The incubation period is 1-3 days so if patient is exposed within this time period of 1-3 days when person exposed to covid-19 virus, however, body have enough time, to mount a response yet, person will be test negative for infection but in fact person potentially carrying the covid-19 viral infection. The way to find out is to repeat the covid-19 test to rule the incubation period.

Types of Covid-19 tests

There are two types of covid-19 tests. One is called Covid- RT-PCR test which is most popular and considered as gold standard by detecting viral protein through reversing transcription of viral RNA which is generated by viral DNA (viral genome).

The second type of test is called Covid-19 antibody test. If person is infected with Covid-19 virus, infected person produces immune response by making antibody to kill the covid-19 virus [resent with the infected person. The variability of each person time to mouth this immune response and once the immune response in launched the variability with antibody discharge from body make this test highly unreliable test. So, it has limited utility clinically and always interpreted in context of so many variables which makes this test unreliable when definitive information is needed to make decision about covid-19 virus.

In short, for general public it is challenging test to offer for history of covid-19 virus presence n the body.