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About Department Of Transportation Physicals

Required for drivers of commercial motor vehicles (CMV), DOT and NonDOT physicals are available at our offices.

A DOT physical is a checkup that is required for commercial vehicle drivers by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). We know what you are thinking, “Hey I don’t need another doctor telling me how to be healthy” but this exam makes sure you are able meet the medical requirements of your job. This includes being able to tolerate health risks posed by sitting in one position for long periods of time.

Our physicians are certified medical examiners at our offices.  Appointments are highly suggested, but walk-ins are welcome also. Our doctors offer high quality medical exams consistent with Federal regulations and guidelines. Call today for an appointment for your DOT physical – (301) 593 9111. Employers are welcome to call and set up company accounts.

What is the DOT Physical?

In order to work as a truck driver in the United States, you must have a DOT physical. The following is an overview of what the DOT physical which includes:

You will also have a urinalysis, which provides information about blood sugar level and other health indicators. The mouth and throat of the patient is checked to see if there are problems with breathing or swallowing while also inspecting the heart for murmurs or other abnormal sounds.

More on DOT Physicals – Certified Medical Examiner Required

You may not be able to go to your family doctor. It is no longer an option to go just anywhere for a DOT physical. New regulations require commercial vehicle operators with the desire of having one should check out their nearest medical facility and consult them on what they are able to provide or do, as well as if there may be any costs associated with it beforehand.  Alcohol and Drug Testing Center is fully compliant to provide you what you need.

The Department of Transportation requires any medical examiner who wishes to conduct physical examinations for commercial drivers to go through training and certification in order to be listed on a national registry. They also must pass an exam testing their knowledge about the federal motor carrier safety administration’s requirements, advisory criteria, and regulations before issuing certificates declaring that someone is physically healthy enough or not fit for duty as a driver.

It is critical that you have your physical when it is due, and that might mean more than every two years. If the doctor finds any issues with your health, they can extend or shorten how often this needs to happen based on what is necessary for continued safety as well as compliance with federal regulations.

Commercial truck drivers need to have a good knowledge of their physical fitness before they start driving in case the company needs to give them an emergency assignment. In order for companies like UPS and FedEx, Amazon and others who rely on large fleets of trucks throughout America  every day, it is vitally important that each driver has been thoroughly tested by DOT’s medical examination guidelines. These tests are designed not only ensure you are fit enough to handle life-threatening situations while behind the wheel but also ensures your safety as well – whether from car accidents or fatigue induced incidents such as falling asleep at the wheel which can lead serious injuries especially if another vehicle is involved.

Our offices are open to meet the drivers in the Silver Spring and Greenbelt area and will provide you required DOT physical.  Call today (301) 593 9111 to schedule your exam today.

A completion examination:

Medical history
Vision & Hearing
General appearance, eyesight and ears for any abnormalities
Blood pressure
Extremities (limb impaired)
Spine, other musculoskeletal (previous surgery, limitation of motion
Other health indicators