$65 DOT Physical Exams, 30 Minutes Walk-In Physicals. Please Call 301-593-9111 ahead of your Appointment.

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We reserve a time slot when you have confirmed  your appointment. Front desk reception will welcome you on your arrival and start the registration process by giving you a few forms to fill up to get your personal information as well as reason for visit. If you need any assistance please ask for help from staff

What to bring: 

 Please bring with you ID, loose fitting clothing and tennis shoes if you have additional questions please call the office for any query.

What not to bring:

Please limit the number of attendants accompanying you. Office space is very limited. We prefer not to be anybody with a patient. We will take good care of patients. If a patient can NOT handle himself or herself, the number of attendants should not be more than ONE.

Do not bring any expensive items with you like jewelry, watches and do not use perfumes but may use deodorants as needed.


All offices and the front lobby are non-smoking area. It will not be allowed under any circumstances


  Eating food is not allowed in the waiting area except for patients who are performing nuclear stress tests and required to eat fatty meals for better results.


    Cell phones can be used in the waiting area but not in the examination room and during examination.


We strongly recommend not to discuss the medical condition of a patient in front of strangers. Medical information will be provided only to patients and we will not provide this information to anybody unless written permission is given by the patient to release the information.