$65 DOT Physical Exams, 30 Minutes Walk-In Physicals. Please Call 301-593-9111 ahead of your Appointment.

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Patient Guide for Stress Test

Heart Attack


Physicals (sports, schools, or annual)

Gynecologic Exams

Drug Screening

Well baby exams

Gynecologic Exams

And more

Allergic reactions and asthma

Cuts, burns, bug bites and animal bits

Falls, sprains, and broken bones

Cold and flus

Pink eye

Ear infections

Bronchitis and strep throat

Blood tests including blood glucose, basic and comprehensive metabolic panels, complete blood counts etc.

STD tests

Pregnancy tests


Strep tests

…And more

Coronary Angiogram

Pre-Op Medical Clearance

Holter Monitor Test


Nuclear (Thallium) Stress Test

Pulmonary Function Test

A Wide Range of Services for the Whole Family

Our board-certified physicians, nurses, and medical staff are here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We offer a wide range of services for the entire family including urgent care, sports medicine, occupational health and physical therapy.

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Our pediatric clinic provides children with medical care, psychological evaluations, and counseling services.


With our clinic, you can feel confident in the quality of care for your loved one. Our staff are friendly, compassionate, and committed to providing the best service possible.


Our urgent care offers best adults healthcare services. We understand you need fast, quality medical care. Schedule an appointment with our urgent care today.


We offer a variety of healthcare services to mothers and children, including family planning, obstetrics, gynecology, and pediatric care. We’re committed to providing affordable and accessible healthcare to all families.


We help teens to take care of their wellbeing, providing the best healthcare services in the area. We offer physical exams, STD testing, counseling services and much more.


Our baby clinic provides the best care for infants, from pediatric care to immunization. Visit us today!. We provide a peaceful and comforting environment for your child, as well as the best medical treatment to ensure their health and safety.