$65 DOT Physical Exams, 30 Minutes Walk-In Physicals. Please Call 301-593-9111 ahead of your Appointment.

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Now Available – Telemedicine

Patient care with comfort is a priority for our patients to get relief from their medical needs of our patients. We continue to provide medical care with the highest level of safety concerns to monitor the health status and needs of our patients in Covid-19 safety sensitivity in the community.
Please do not put your health needs on the side due to Covid-19, we remain open and ready to serve you through remote appointments via tele-visit through your cell phone, computer, or tablet for current and new patients. Now our patients have the option to participate via live -video or phone appointment with our office.

How does it work?
There are multiple ways you can do Televisit:

Visit website Alcohol and Drug Testing Center via url “www.urgentcareofgreenbelt.com/” and click patient portal/telemedicine it will open up our practice schedule and schedule yourself based on your convenient time

On your smartphone download the ” healow™ App” from Google and iphone apps and put practice code “HHHJAA” to locate our practice schedule and check for appointment availability.

Contact our our office at 301-220-3500 and ask to schedule a televisit and further assistance if needed
Please note that the official fee for tele-visit is $75.00 and we prefer self-pay. A receipt will be provided to reimburse you from your health plan. You may need to check with your health plan to confirm if they cover this type of visit.